Folder for music

I am installing Roon on my new Windows server instalation.

On this server I have a 1 TB music SDD disk, and I have a share up to a NAS.

I am only able to either install the D: drive SDD disk or the M: share from the NAS, but not both.

Any tip on how to import both to Roon?

Hi Jens,

You need to create two Roon Watched folders.
One should be setup to point to your local music folder, and the other setup for the NAS music folder.

Yea, but but that is what am strugling with. When I set up to the D: drive, all files from the M: drive disaperes, and the other way around…

How are you accessing that screen? It should be via the Add Folder button rather than Edit (via than 3 dots menu).