Folder full of singles

hi, I have 2 folders of music on my nas, one which is the main one full of artists albums in flac and the other which contains singles of vinyl mainly in mp3 format. is there a way of separating the singles folder and it being identified the tracks as individual singles.

I do not know if this is what you are talking about but hear goes.

I have different folders of music on my Nas but I added only the folders that I wanted in the Storage Settings in Roon to see.

One folder (What You Hear Rips) was Wav singles and I also have it as a Bookmark. Now they will All show up in the Overview Section but you go strait to this folder with the Bookmark.

yes that’s exactly it thank you, but I think my problem is it wont recognise the folders I am trying to enter.
currently I have my main music folder \nasd3cbe7\public. this works fine in the control, but when I try enter either of the specific folders it doesn’t recognise them i.e. \nasd3cbe7\public\music folder or \nasd3cbe7\public\house
so im thinking this could be a folder permissions issue?

I do not know if you are Mac, Linux or Windows.

From Windows 7 goto Windows Explorer of Windows 8 or 10 File Explorer.

In the address bar type

the IP Address (Example - \ \ 192 . 168 . 1 . 22) of your NAS and then hit the Enter Key.

NOTE: You have to use the double back slashes in front of the IP Number \ \ 192 . 168 . 1 . 22.

If you don’t then your web browser will open instead.

From there you should see your different folder shares that you setup, ie: music, house, public etc.

Double click the folder to see the files or folder that you are looking for.

Once your are in the directory that you want then,

In the address bar of Windows Explorer, Highlight and Copy the Address (CTRL C) and then from Roon add a Watch Folder and paste the address (CTRL V) that you copied. You will also at that screen have to enter the User Name and Password credentials that you setup in your NAS Control Panel.

Having said all that if you cannot navigate this way thru Explorer, then you are correct, you could have a folder permission issue. Then you will need to check your Shares thru your NAS Control Panel.

sorry should of said, I am a qnap nas user so Linux I believe. so the current link that works is \nasd3cbe7\public which didn’t require the ip address.

So your Desktop is a Linux box?

yes that’s correct, it uses the roonserver app. I use a laptop to go in and do any admin stuff

Best practice that I have found using a NAS is that I assign a Static IP address.

Once that is established you can access the NAS either thru the IP Address or the Name of the NAS that you assign to it - Example nasd3cbe7. From the NAS Control Panel, you can even change the name of the NAS to more friendly or easier name - example - MEADATA

I have found that using the static IP address for such programs as Roon or a Backup Solution is a better route to go.

Having said that, then from your laptop navigate via IP to access the NAS and then access the Shared folders that you desire. It might at this point require access credentials if what you say is a “Folder Permission” issue.

Once you are where you want to be, then copy the complete address and then paste into the Roon Watch folders with the credentials you assigned.

If Roon cannot access these folders, then again you are correct and it is a Folder Permission issue which from your NAS Control Panel is where you correct it…

mike ive sorted it by creating new folders for each, so I can now see them both. how do I browse the individual folders for music, i.e. if I wanted to look at your hd tracks only?

After you add that folder you cannot at first search for it because Roon in the background is setting the Meta Tags for the directory.

Go to Settings and then Setup and you should see for example a Fast Ring - Analyzing 627/1478

This could take a while depending on how many files that you have. Once this is complete perform a Search

Locate the Albums and Click on it

Once there go to Bookmarks at top right and Add Bookmark

this doesn’t work, because all of the tracks are not linked to albums they are basically just unique mp3 singles. so I basically have 2 storage folders 1.public (where all artist albums are), 2. house (which has 300 mp3 singles). I think what im looking for is a way of searching for the house folder and playing the tracks within it. or some way of making that folder a large compilation album.

Does the method suggested here work for you?


Investigating your issue I found that when I set this up, I was using a folder of WAV files that do not have any associated file tags.

When I tried to do the same to a folder of MP3 files with tags it did not work and I would assume it would behaved the same way with a folder of FLAC files or any file with Tags associated. This is why so many would like to have a Tree View of their files. This would simplify what you are trying to achieve.

So I went into my MP3 folder of Singles and edited all of the MP3 files with the Same Album Name (MP3 Singles) and then I was able to do a search for that album and then Bookmark this album. After editing the files, force a ReScan in Storage or remove the folder and then add it back again.

Please Note: Before you replace all of your MP3 tags with a Generic Album Name to achieve what you are trying to setup, make a backup of your Original MP3’s to have a way backwards to your original setup.

I see your frustration now. Although this is a very nice program, trying to achieve this is a pain in the a… Roon has a lot going for it in many areas, but trying to categorize the music the way we want is difficult at best.

I do not know why only a certain number of songs show up in a album. This makes absolutely no sense at all. I can perform a search for an album, it locates this album which so happens to have 1407 MP3 songs and only 120 show up. I have re-tagged all of these MP3 files with the Same Album Name. One of this program strengths is Meta Data. They should All show up. I have 3000 WAV files and I have no problem seeing these at all.

When I first setup my files I only scanned for WAV and a few FLAC and had no problems. Did not scan for my MP3’s because they are of lower quality. However I do have 10s of thousands of MP3s and when trying to setup a Singles folder like you wanted for MP3s, then this just did not wanted to cooperate with the built in navigation system in place.

There is absolutely no way to navigate to a specific folder ie a tree view and play or bookmark this folder. Will keep trying to figure this navigation out. Keep you posted…

[quote=“Mike_Dubois, post:14, topic:13289, full:true”]
I do not know why only a certain number of songs show up in a album. This makes absolutely no sense at all. I can perform a search for an album, it locates this album which so happens to have 1407 MP3 songs and only 120 show up.[/quote]

This 120 song limit has been reported. Looks like a bug. @mike, can you please comment on this issue - will it be addressed? Thanks.

I just wanted to +1 here for this to be solved please.

so following the advice above, I changed the album name of all files to the same one and it seems to have worked fine and the album has been tagged.
thank you all.

I just made a lengthy post about some of these factors. We’re aware of these issues and working to make sure we resolve them soon.

More here: