Folder Info to Identify Albums

I see from other posts that there is maybe some sort of philosophical or product design objection to this, but is there any way I can use folder information to identify my albums?

Roon uses a metadata source to label my albums, but it’s pretty spotty. It’s often impossible to know what’s in my albums from the Roon metadata. Here’s an example, that illustrates the problem:

The Album display in Roon. There are fourteen different albums pictured. What’s on any of them?

The detail page from Room. Since I couldn’t tell from the album display what was in any of them, I go to the detail page. The detail page shows two concertos – but no composer.

As a comparison, I’ve uploaded an image of the album folders from Windows Explorer. The information is all right there. How could I use that information in Roon, to tell what’s on the album?