Folder Of Tracks with different Covers

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windows 10 64-bit, Intel i7-2600K, 16GHz, NVIDIA GeForce

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Hi from Germany, my question as follows. I lift one !! Folders with different historical recordings on shellac.
each track has its own label photo. After I transferred the folder to Roon, I see the tracks very well,
but the cover is always the same. Is there a way to always see the right cover in a folder with different artists / tracks?

I would be very happy about a solution and greet warmly from Germany / Bavaria

Hi @wolfgang_eckart,

Artwork in Roon is on a per-album basis only. Individual tracks can not have additional artwork.

Hm, that´s not so nice. But maybe its an Item for the future.

Many Thks

Wolfgang, you could create an album for each track if that makes sense.

That is exactly what I did. I have more than 300 tracks (from different albums) in 1 directionary (they are all in 1 playlist.
By identifying each track as an album each track get his own cover. If you have the same track also on an original album, just hide the one with one track in Roon.