Folder Structure?

Hi guys,
Im completely new hear but loving my 1st night of Roon :wink:
I have my music set up as follows

  1. DJ Mixes
  • A
  • B
  • C
  1. Unmixed
  • Acid
  • Albums for listening
  • Alternative
  • BBQ
  • Booty
  • Chill out
  • Classical
  • Commercial
  • Detroit


I want to keep my “Unmixed” albums completely seperate from my “DJ Mixes” - Even if by the same artist.

Is this possible?

I also have a wide range of styles that i want to keep seperate instead of integrating (My “Unmixed” folder. i.e. i don’t want to have Jeff Mills (techno) beside Jose Gonzalez (Rock) next to Ma Vlast (Classical). Id ideally like to keep them in there seperate folders and then have these seperate folders sorted by roon.

Is this possible?



You can Filter by Storage Location but you need to enter each location separately when you set up.

I wouldn’t encourage a huge number of storage locations though; that is not what they are designed for.

When you say “keep completely separate” it kind of depends what you mean and whether you have become familiar with ways that you can browse and manage your whole library in Roon.


If you have a large library with Techno, Rock, Classical (and a ton of other stuff) they will sit in the base library. You of course are keeping them separate in your folder structure.

When you have a techno mood, then you can apply “focus” filters to show you only that mood that you want. The album browser screen filters to show just what you select. It’s actually way more powerful than that and gets more so with the upcoming 1.3 release.

When you want to change mood, then mod the focus filter and you get that new mood.

The notion that things are “kept separate” is different in Roon from managing folders.

Have a play with it and see what you get.

Thanks guys.
Where do i find the “focus” filters so i can apply the parameters?

The Focus button is next to “Play All” in Artist, Album or Track view.

The User Guide will help with the learning curve.