Folder view under filter [Not on Roadmap, but watched folders can be focus on]

can you include folder view under filter in future? that would be great, as for some music Im using it.

Hi Drsah,

Would you mind elaborating on how you see a folder view focus filter working ?

Are you thinking of a deeper capability to the Inspector / Storage Location filter ? I could see that allowing users to select a filter by reference to their own pre-defined folder structure rather than simply by the head watched or organised directory. Are there specific ways of organising folders that bookmarked focus filters aren’t conveniently replicating for you ?

Perhaps you are thinking of the Roon GUI displaying a directory structure and permitting file operations ? If so, there are many ways to do that outside Roon; would having the same capability within Roon add anything ?

I just would like to see a possibility to access my music based on the folders I already have. It’s not like I’m only starting to collect music now that I have Roon, there’s an enormous amount of legacy.
One of my folders is simply called ‘New’. This is where I park stuff people share with me. Sometimes it’s 5-10 albums, sometimes it’s over a 100. I keep running those albums until I either throw them out because I really can’t (and won’t) get used to it, or I absorb them in the regular collection. There is no way I can distinguish this ‘new’ from ‘regular’ now, other than #times-played. Anything with a low # must be new, right? Wrong. Everything is new, at present. So, please help me out here?

Did you add your music in one big folder or did you add it as a series of folders, e.g. New, relaxing, blues, and so on, if you did then you could filter by storage location, there is no folder view as such in Roon.


Nope, not by genre; it’s a technical subdivision.
1 folder for standard non-classical, artist / album oriented;
1 folder for classical, composer / orchestra / composition oriented
1 folder ‘new stuff’. That’s it.

If you specify each of those three folders as a watched folder in Settings/Storage instead of a single parent folder then you can Focus on each folder using Inspector/Storage Location.

Make a Bookmark for each folder and you’re done.

Oooh boy. Followed this advice last night (0.00). It’s now 8.45 and 769 tracks are added & identified out of 95k+ and no music playing. Transport: Failed to load media
Applying library settings is not even at the halfway mark. If this continues as it’s going it’ll be silent here for weeks…
Shut down Roon remote, now that won’t start either (waiting for rem
ote core).
Would stop-start synology fix anything?

stop-started Synology. Now at 10% and Applying library settings is done.

At the halfway mark

And Yesss!! It works.
@andybob: tx!

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Hmm, ok, I think I get it.
I navigate to Artist / Focus / Inspector / Storage Locations where I check the box for ‘New’. So far so good.
Now I navigate back (esc / esc) / Play All. And then it mixes albums from the artists in the New folder with albums from those same artists in the other folders.
So I navigate to Album / Focus / Inspector / Storage Locations where I check the box for ‘New’. Again, navigate back (esc / esc) / Play All. So far no mix-ups.

focus on Storage Location New as above and make a Bookmark for it. Now it’s two clicks away. Bookmarks are dynamic and will pick up whatever is in that folder at that time. Play All will play randomly from the albums on that screen.