"Follow song" option

When I listen to an album at home, especially if it’s a new album or something with which I’m less familiar, I like to have the screen where I can see the track that’s playing.

Periodically, I have to scroll the screen up to keep the current track visible. It would be really cool to have a button to press that keeps the visible track still & has the track list scrolling up behind it, in much the same way as audio editing software allows the playhead to remain fixed while the waveform goes past behind it.

I’m currently listening to this Godzilla soundtrack (see screenshot) & it has about 100 pretty short cues. The track that’s currently playing is near the bottom of the screen & every few minutes I have to move it up. A follow song option would be neat. Lazy, but neat. :slight_smile:

Have a look at the queue screen… shows the tracks and follows… maybe this is what you are looking for.


Well, I expect that would work well with a “normal” album but in this instance, the CD is grouped into four separate sections in a multi-part style & the queue screen is only showing each of the four parts as a single queue entry, so I’m none the wiser as to what’s going on within that section of the album.

On the queue screen you can pop up the track list of a playing part… Just don’t remember if this is working on iOS and Android, too… And BTW, would be great of course if this track list could be shown indented under the part title, similar as it is being shown on the album track list with part titles…