Font faces and sizes, again

I’d like to add a plea for more thought in selecting font characteristics.

Some people’s eyes need more help.

I’ve got astigmatism, which make fonts without serifs hard to make out. I’m quite familiar with the Helvetica fascination of “modern” (which today means circa 1950) UI designers, but I find the forum harder to read because it’s all sans-serif. Not that the designers care, so long as it looks cool.

Similarly, I find the Roon interface on a tablet hard to read from three feet away. Not only are the fonts sans-serif, but they are also too small (this is an 8" Fire HD 8). As the Roon UI is not native, it misses small Android conventions which could help with this, like no borders (for more screen space) or the built-in font size preference for apps (for larger sizes). And dark blue on medium gray is not a great contrast ratio, though it’s still better than medium blue on medium gray.

I would also like to have the ability to change font size, especially on the “Now Playing” screen. My Roon endpoint is connected to a 60" display but I have a difficult time reading the track info (title, album and artist) from more than about 10’ away. There’s so much grey space to the right of this info on 1.6 that it seems reasonable the size can be increased without becoming cramped.

I would like to support the above requests for the ability to increase point size and choose of typefaces to improve legibility especially useful when listening at a distance in medium or far field, rather than simply nearfield or at computer desk.

How many Baby Boomers have 20:20 vision - it’ll be a problem for you Roon software designers one day too!

Keep listening to your subscribers feedback, but even better why not action a thread request now dating back a number of years and would be a significant improvement for those with less than perfect eyesight? Come on Roon…

Kind regards, Andrew.

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