For Audio Books: Roon should accept .m4b files

.m4b files are AAC-Audio files like .m4a but used for audio books instead of music or other content. It would be fine if ROON would also identify .m4b files and include these in the library, so that such audio book could be listened to using ROON.

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Does a rename to .m4a work for those files and allow Roon to play them?

Yes , this will work since these file are normal AAC files. The ending .m4b just serves to indicate to iTunes etc. that the files are audio book files, so that they are handled in a particular way by IPod etc.

Excellent, that is a good workaround then. As Roon does not have any support for audiobooks (no bookmarking for where you got to in an audiobook or even in a file) that could be as good as it gets for a while (or at all).

But for Apple devices it is good to have the ending .m4b. I don’t want to have two audio book collection with the same content. Logitech Mediaserver (LMS) has no problem to deal with .m4b files. Why shouldn´t the same be true for ROON?

Hi Otto,

I do not disagree with anything you say but I suspect that any type of audiobook support is way down the priority list. However, adding .m4b support should be straightforward technically (as Roon already supports .m4a).

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I’ve just been baffled to find out that Roon does not seem to know what an m4b audiobook is? OK, I worked around it and renamed the file extensions to m4a and I manually added an Audiobook genre, but really? From a company that prides itself on user experience?

It prides itself on its Music experience not audio books. It’s never been advertised nor designed with audiobooks in mind, very different use case.

may be a different use case, but still I think it’s pitiful that Roon does not even catalogue the files, that really is a joke.

I’m also suprised, why it’s not possible to add m4b to the supported formats. Currently I’ve to rename all my files before synching and have to revert this later then. Why? Because the files are in my iBooks library folder which expects the m4b extensions. I know, that Roon is not perfect for Audiobooks, but in my case I can deal with it. I already split the chapters of most of my books into multiple files.

I use plenty of audiobooks, Radio plays etc… All Tagged as Audiobooks for my convenience. I convert any files to MP3 if they won’t play in Roon. Absolute sound quality is not the issue, especially since I ripped so many from Cassette back in the day.