'For No One' unavailable in the new Super Deluxe release of Revolver from Tidal


I’m in Israel, if it matters.

Which streaming service and is the the 14-track or super-deluxe album?

Sorry, should have noted that it’s Tidal. Will edit the post
It’s the Super Deluxe version (that I had right the first time in the title :slight_smile:)

Super deluxe

Thanks. The streaming rights metadata we have currently are a bit weird. That track will be available for streaming within Roon from 11:00 UTC today. So 2pm your time.

Even more strangely, the (disc 1) track recording (ISRC) codes are different for the 14-track version and the super-deluxe version. On the 14-track version, For No One is available now, but And Your Bird Can Sing is not (until 10:00 UTC today).

I suspect its a delivery problem from the labels to TIDAL and that this will sort itself out in a day or two, but it’s not ideal. I’ll chase this up with TIDAL, but streaming rights metadata can be quite dynamic and it may already be correct on their systems.

All tracks of the super-deluxe are available now in Qobuz, but the 14-track version of the album is not available at all.

It’s all a bit :exploding_head: .


Thanks @joel! I had no doubt it would sort itself out, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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