For over a year, I have used Roon sw, last week, the install was gone

Roon Core Machine

OS Windows Server 2019
HP EliteDesk 800 G2 DM i7 8G
c: 250G M.2
d: 500G backup drive

Network Details

Standard 1G network hub, no issues connecting (wired only)

Audio Devices

PS Audio DirectStream DAC (no issues with playing)

Library Size

USB external drive 8GB

  • 33566 albums
  • 187000 tracks

Description of Issue

For over a year, I have used Roon sw, last week, the install was gone.

I reinstalled the software, nothing was left of the old install except the Roon backups (which I used successful)

There were not Roon folders where the software was install. New install put everything back.

Not able to configure backups except to restore.

It was so odd, that the Roon installed software and folders was gone.

Did Roon exist in the list of installed programs (before reinstallation)?
Did you search for the Roon folder on the entire C:? Maybe it was an accidental drag and drop…

Roon folder was not there when I reinstalled. The Roon icons on the desktop had changed to generic and the links to he desired programs - “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\Roon.exe” pointed to location that were not there.

I’m a computer SA and this computer is only used for Roon (W2k19 OS, drivers and Roon software.)

When the software was gone. I start digging around, weird Roon stuff was gone except the RoonBackup folder, which I used to restore from the last backup.

Roon is now working, just downloaded the Core and Desktop. I’m working however RoonBackup so far has not worked. Just informing you in case you were interested. Take the 4th off, next week is soon enough.

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Still unable to back up Roon information.

Hey @Mike_Site,

Thanks so much for sharing this and for your patience while we returned to work after the holiday weekend :us: .

When you say you are unable to backup Roon, what error do you see? Could you please send us a screenshot?


Hey @Mike_Site,

Thanks so much for sharing this info :pray:

I was wondering if you could try scheduling your backups to a different location, just as a test. Does that work?

Next, can you try performing a manual backup? Does that work?