For the jazz cats

New streaming service dedicated to jazz announced


New service just starting that wants to build a customer base.

Sounds like a candidate for Roon streaming.

How about it, @danny?

It’ll never catch on, Spotify already have it covered…


Let’s see… If it can do with Jazz what Idagio (or Primephonic, but I like Idagio better) do with Classical, it may be interesting.

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Not available in Amerika.

Ending on 6/30, there’s a 3 month subscription for $3.

“America’s Music” not available in America! Blasphemy!

Just downloaded the app and taken the 99c 3 month subscription. The video content might be interesting, but there is a huge amount of jazz on YouTube, and the playlists didn’t seem to be anything special, just somewhat predictable. Couldn’t find a search. It’s been set up by the guy that used to run JazzFM. Doubt it will take off, as there is so much competition and they don’t seem to have anything worthwhile that you cant get anywhere else. Qobuz is magnificent for jazz already.


A big disappointment is my verdict after trying their 99p for 3 months offer also. Like others, I found that the playlists are nothing special or original - Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify have better. The video playlists were also limited and nothing I couldn’t find on YouTube.

The audio quality was only 128kbps also - was like having Napster back in 1999.

But most annoying - no tracklists for the playlists. You had to listen in full or skip tracks - to then find out that even on the paid tier you can only skip so many.

Whole lot of nope. Good idea, badly executed. I ended up deleting the app after a few days :frowning:

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I haven’t listened to it since my previous post. So I think I’ll just cancel the subscription right now.

Worth saying that Netflix has some superb jazz documentaries, and other excellent music documentaries. Chasing Trane, I Called Him Morgan, Miles Davis Birth of the Cool, What Happened Miss Simone, Thelonious Monk, Let’s Get Lost Chet Baker. And Hip Hip Evolution is a superb series. And there’s some good rock/blues stuff too - Amy Winehouse, Keith Richard …

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