For The Moderators of the Roon Community Forum

An appreciation for what you do even on this site which, due to your efforts, is remarkably civilized and friendly.



Plus ONE…

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Good call, they do a masterful job, especially considering the spectrum of abilities amongst us all.


It’s a friendly forum that has not yet drifted into cables, bits is bits type debates seen on other forums. Long may it last

Another Plus ONE … :grinning:

Also glad to see the community is constantly growing. A lot of times the newbies bring up something that has already been covered and these moderators patiently keep steering them where they need to be to solve their issues.

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Its a fantastic forum. I learned to set up my raspberry pi/roonbridge which I would never normally have taken on without forum support, have learned how to get the best from Roon features, and discovered great new music I may never have stumbled upon. All in a friendly and respectful environment. Great achievement