Force HQPlayer to upsample like for like?

Hey -
I tried out HQPlayer embedded (in linux) - but noticed that everything was being upsampled to DSD. I’d like to do dsd to dsd upsampling, and PCM to PCM upsample.

There a way to do that?

Select output to auto. Probably selected to SDM at the moment?


Yeah - that did it!
Was so sure I had it set up like that before … But yup :slight_smile:

Now need something with the grunt to actually do the upsampling


While I’m at it - is there a way to stop it from downsampling?
Eg - I have DSD set to DSD128, but I have a few DSD256 files which I want untouched, but get downsampled to DSD128

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Tick “Direct SDM”

So to clarify - ticking “direct SDM” will pass through a DSD256 file, but will upsample a DSD64 file to DSD128?

Good question.

No it will play any DSD ‘directly’.

I don’t think you can tell HQPlayer what to do with different DSD rates.

Lets see what the boss @jussi_laako says

Playback will likely fail with DSD256 content in that case because you are hitting set rate limit.

Yeah - I tried that out, and the DSD256 gets downsampled to DSD128