Force Low volume on restart

Since I’m using “Device Volume” within Roon and controlling my DAC’s volume directly via Roon, would it be possible to put in an option within Ropieee to something like “Set volume to X upon restart”?

I could do something easilly via amixer & a cron job, but then once a new version of Ropieee comes out, it’ll be blown out.

Otherwise, what happens if if I power down my audio system and then back on the next day, volume is set to maximum and if I forget to turn it back down it’ll blow out my speakers and eardrums.

At one point this was a bigger issue as Ropieee was configured to restart on a timer, which was subsequently mitigated by putting an option to disable that, so that has been great.


You could run the command over ssh from another device via cron — this way you are free to make updates at will.

I thought about that, since I have a few other RBP devices hanging around doing stuff, however there is always the possibility of it not being in sync, i.e. if both devices are powered down at the same time, etc. Would be fool proof if integrated within Ropieee directly.

You should be able to set Alsa levels to this if you ssh.

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what command are you using specifically?

For what? I’m issuing no commands. I’m requesting a feature that will set volume to low / minimum upon restart of the Ropieee Roonbridge device for those of us that have a DAC connected with “use device volume” enabled within Roon.

I stated that one option I could do was to send a amixer command via SSH from another RBP device however that would be unreliable depending on where the Roon Bridge device was in it’s boot-up process. It seems other people in here suggested that as a resolve anyway most likely didn’t read my original request.


what does your system look like?

Roon Bridge running Ropieee build -> Mytek Brooklyn USB. Roon set to “Use Device Volume” so that I can control the DAC’s volume via Roon.

All working great.

If I shut down the Ropieee device via hard power failure, and when it boots back up, it sets the volume to maximum.

I am requesting a feature within Ropieee GUI config web page to either disable this, or just have it issue a command to reduce volume to 0 or something user-configurable. This is outside of Roon’s control.

As I stated in my original post, this was an even bigger issue as you had Ropieee set to auto-reboot every day, which you’ve made now defeatable (thanks), but if the device is powered down due to bad / poor power and then powered back up, the initialization process of the DAC during boot of Linux is setting volume to max for some reason. Since I use my DAC as a Preamp, shit can get loud if I forget to check the volume.

I’ve noticed this too when I occasionally “just press play” after firing up Roon on my desktop because I only check I have the correct endpoint selected and don’t bother looking at the volume before pressing play as I assume it will be the same sort of level from when I last used the endpoint… been bitten a couple of times and as the speakers are brand new, I hope I’ve not done any permanent damage :thinking:

Hi @narkotic,

I’ll look into this asap. Problem is that I don’t have a DAC like yourself that can be used like that.

What I don’t understand is that you first mention a ‘hard power failure’ and later you talk about RoPieee’s reboot. That latter isn’t a hard power failure, but a proper shutdown cycle of the device. It also means it saves the volume on reboot.

Sorry - I meant hard power down. I treat it like an appliance and do not shut it down when turning it’s power off.

Sometimes I need to power down my audio room for some reason so I just pull the plug. When it boots back up, power is at full blast.

Even w/out my DAC, you could connect just about any sound device and most likely it will do the same thing once the device is initialized, maybe.


Yeah ok, but still: does it work as expected with a reboot? So it this only failing when you pull the plug but not with a reboot (like the option in RoPieee itself)

Just tried a reboot via the webpage, and it came back at full volume as well. Actually it appears to be 50% volume, not “full” as previously stated. Still very loud. Within Roon that shows a “45” as the volume level. I normally listen at 10-20 range, whatever that means to you.

Ok thanks. So it’s generic. Does not matter whether this is a hard or friendly power down.

We’ll look into this. Are you willing to participate in some testing?

Regards Harry

Absolutely. Will be around all day.

will be tomorrow I’m afraid

No worries. Let me know.

Not sure if can be of help but I have 2 ropieee and I see a similar behavior. One is connected via usb to a Mytek, the other is using a iqaudio Pi+ DAC (old model).
In the first case (Mytek) when the Pi is restarted doesn’t matter if rebooted via webpage, shut down via unplug or similar way, once up again the volume is back to Mytek default volume that is -20db. This is high but not too bad.
In the other case Pi with iqaudio HAT, once restarted the Pi comes up to full volume (100). Again doesn’t matter how the Pi was restarted/shutdown, it will always come up at full volume.
As this RPi is connected to a zone 2 of an AVR receiver that I keep at fixed volume to be able to change the volume of the PI through Roon, I had a couple of very loud experiences. To avoid this I disable the auto update and planned reboot but I need every once in a while to remember to reboot the system manually and then lower the volume.


Nice input, thanks.

It’s most likely the DAC itself doing an initialization via USB, all will behave differently.

My solution (an easy mitigation) would be to have a section in the Web GUI that allows one to fat finger in a set volume level that is forced during a reboot or power up. I’d do this myself via Cron job but it would just get overwritten during a new rollout.