Force Rescan not working

Sometime new albums do not show up in my library or partial. So I try to go to storage and do a force rescan. This will not rediscover the new albums if they were not picked up right away…

I used to close Roon and Restart that made a forced rescan that does work.

This week is changed to a NUC as headless core, a big stability improvement on Playback.
But because of the headless nature i cannot (and do not want to) go to the NUC for a Roon restart.

What’s different to forced rescan in setup and the real restart of Roon performing a rescan?

I would also be nice to go to a specific sub dir to do a rescan so I do not have to rescan a my whole library, I do know the album_Directory I added.

Thanks in advance for looking into this.

The problem here, imho, is having to do a rescan. I have music both in a local drive and on a NAS and have never had the issue you’ve described. Can you provide details on how your music is stored and your base installation. Are you using Linux/Mac/PC on the NUC, for example. Which OS version, etc. etc.

Rescans are ALWAYS necessary in my case. Watch folder has never ever worked for me. Files are never added the library without either force rescan or a restart. Retina macbook pro - latest version OSX and roon. Files are on WD Mycloud.

I’ve reported this problem many months ago and was told 1.2 would probably fix this but unfortunately this is not the case. If I would have the same problem as @DigiBert then I would not be able to add music to the library at all…

The NUC is Win 10 Pro, but I had the same issue with a win 7 PC doing full Roon (core, remote, playback). When I copy a directory straight away, no problem, it’s added within minutes. But when music files are created in a new folder, than I think first accessment is “NO music” only files that are already seen as complete flac files are than recognised in the album. The is no real rescan when manually ask for a rescan, but it does when restarting Roon completely. The files as on a Drobo NAS system.

What happens if you setup a watched folder on the NUC and copy music to it. Is the music added immediately and without having to stop/start Roon?

Than it will add immediately. What I now do is move the folder to a location outside the library, and copy it back in, and than it will add it right away.

I meant create the files in the local watched folder to see if the files are added automatically without copying.