Force ROON Server to bind to specific network adapter

Roon Core Machine

Dell 3450, 32G RAM, i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Server has 2x10G network adapter
Ubiquiti network

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LSII (wireless)
Denon 4500 receiver (wired)

Number of Tracks in Library

30k+ tracks

Description of Issue

My server has 2 network adapters, both 10G. They are on different subnets to each other. The ROON server binds to one but I want to force it to bind to the other. The one it’s binding doesn’t have any of my audio devices and I suspect this is causing the problems I’m having in not being able to consistently stream music.

How can I force it to bind to a specific adapter?

I found this Microsoft link to techniques to bind applications to specific NICs:

Don’t know if it will help.

I also moved this to Tinkering as this is a special configuration.

As far as I can tell, Roon binds itself to all available networks. Even your post seems to implicate that:

If it wasn’t bound to the other adapter too, then there would just not be any streaming at all.

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I had a similar question several years ago. I seem to remember @danny telling me how to do it.

I never did and now I can’t find the post. Maybe he has the answer.

In the past I used the Roon ROCK connected to two different Ethernet networks and had no problems. One network was for Internet access and one for audio devices.