Force Roon to Reset Tag Data

May I ask if there is a way to force Roon to reset the entire library tag data?
One way or the other my library does not match the groomed tag data that I maintain.
I would like to zero-out all the existing data and have Roon rebuild the database using the complete set of tag preferences.
How can I do this?
It may mean un-installing Roon, which is okay so long as I can re-use the license key.
Thank you.

If I understand you correctly, you can reset everything and begin again like it was a new install by:

  1. Remove the music location from storage tab.
  2. Then go to settings/library and select “clean up library” and then clean up files not associated with a storage location.
  3. And then add the storage location back in. It should see everything as new and begin re-analyzing your entire library.

Please Note: This will loose any edits or anything you’ve done in Roon, like play counts, import dates, etc etc and treat it like a brand new installation.

Thank you, that worked a treat.
Curiously, having remove everything two genre mappings remained even though the library database was empty.
This has cleaned up all the split albums, and duplicate artists that existed in the original library, even when requesting a rescan of the library.
I recommend it to everyone to do periodically!

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