Force Roon to update genres?

Roon has previously imported my library, in which I use the genre MIXABLE to denote a track that is suitable for random play. This genre is bookmarked for quick access and can be used to start a shuffle of MIXABLE tracks. Great.

However, there are many songs that I then grow tired of and in JRiver I remove the MIXABLE genre from the songs in question. BUT Roon doesn’t seem to update the tracks on rescan and the MIXABLE genre is now “stuck” on songs previously tagged as such and now random play of MIXABLE is annoying because unliked songs keep playing.

Is there a way to force ROON to do a genre rescan to remove these orphan genres, or an option I’m missing somewhere so this happens automatically during library rescan?

TIA, Mark

Hello @rDin,

Thanks for taking a moment to describe how you are using Roon. I’m hoping we can straighten out the second part that doesn’t seem to work for you.

Just to make sure, all these tracks that you are marking with the mixable genre, where are they located? Removing that genre from the song, do you do that is JRiver? Is it reflected in the folder where the music is stored?

If that folder is set up as a watched folder in Roon, you should be able to force rescan it.

Hi Rebeka,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ll start by saying I think I’ve resolved it, for now at least.

OK, so the files are stored on my NAS, ie they are local files I own.
Roon is pointed at this location also.
I use JRiver to manage my collection and so I do all my tagging and changes within JRiver.
All GENRE changes in JRiver are written to the file.

There were 10,000+ MIXABLE tags and I became aware that no matter how I tried, once applied, I couldn’t get them removed within Roon even though they were no longer in the file tags. They were “stuck”. After posting the request for help, I got to thinking about ROONTRACKTAG and so I moved all my MIXABLE entries there, and when I apply changes to ROONTRACKTAG I notice it seems to force Roon to reimport the files (not just update them) and this had the consequence of “scrubbing” away all the MIXABLE genres that were “stuck.”

After that, if I now change a GENRE tag in JRiver the change is reflected within Roon after a rescan. So it seems that something that was previously stuck is now unstuck and all is working as it should. But it seems there might be am edge case bug in Roon causing the “sticky genre” that might be found and fixed at some point.

Anyway, I’m happy it’s resolved for now and ROONTRACKTAG is working well for my MIXABLE needs.


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