Forced grouping of 2 Squeezebox Touch's

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Pinkfaun 2.16X Streamer, running on Audiolinux.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Main router : Linksys E-4200 providing both LAN & Wifi connections

Local lan built with up to 4 D-link 1Gb Swithes DGS-10008D.

1 Wireless access point Linkys AC1900+ (RE7000)

Audio information:

Pinkfaun streamer - USB - T+A 8 DSD dac, using HQplayer

Roon Control points: Windows 10 PC’s, Apple ipad, Samsung S10e phone

Extra Roon endpoints: 2 * Squeezebox Touch (SQT)

Only 1 SQT is able to connect to the Roon core at the same time.

Each SQT is connected wirelessly to the local network.
I configured the name of each SQT, using its IP-adress, i.e. SQT-177 & SQT-181

The 1st one is connected to the lan via the Linksys Acces Point

the 2nd one is connected wirelessly to the Main Linksys router

In Roon Settings Audio, the 2nd SQT is not available

However when I play music on the SQT-177, this is automatically replicated on the 2nd SQT-181.

To me this looks as the SQT’s are automatically grouped in 1 zone, with only 1 device configurable.

I believe that this problem has arised with the latest release 1.7 build 610 (or the release before).


Hello @anon90297517,

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the slight delay until we reviewed your case.

This is strange, can you please show me what the Signal Path looks like when this issue occurs? Also please show the track + time + date of the issue in the screenshot as well.

If you also have not yet rebooted the Core and Squeezebox units, I would advise you to give that a try.

Hi Noris

Thanks for looking into this issue.
Although I already had rebooted the Core and both SQT’s, I have rebooted them again.

At 18h01 CET time today, I started playing Trapper Avenue of the album ‘Faith in the Future’ by Neil Finn.
This is the screenshot of the Signal Path.

And here is a picture of the SQT-181 display (i.e. the SQT I cannot setup in Roon)

And of course the same picture on the SQT-177 I am playing this song.


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Hi @anon90297517,

Thank you for those screenshots! This does indeed look like strange behavior here, can you please confirm if the same behavior occurs when you try to use a regular (non-Roon) LMS server as a test?

Hi Norris

Can you pleasr provide with some info/link how to setup an LMS server, as I never used on.
I picked up my 2 units very cheap, after I learned Roon is supporting them.
And as said before, with previous versions of Roon, both units were detected/configured independantly and plying different tracks at the same time

Hi @anon90297517,

You should be able to download LMS from here:

The way that Roon works is that it communicates to your squeezeboxes in a similar way as LMS would, so it would be good to know if the native software does this as well (without Roon involvement).

After installing LMS, then on the touch itself, you’ll want to go to My Music -> Switch Library and point them to the LMS server.

There might also be some additional settings you can adjust for them through LMS, I would check to see if there are any grouping behaviors.

Hi Noris

Today I finally have been able to perform the requested test.

With Logitech Media Server setup, I have executed (again) a factory reset of my 2 SqueezeboxTouch units and gave 1 a new name.

As you can see in attached screenshots, the Squeezebox Toux box, called SQBT-LEFT, is playing Nils Lofgren & Grin Slippery Fingers

At the same time, the second SqueezeBox Touch (with identical Name) is playing Adele - I’ll be waiting

So no automatic grouping of any king with Logitech Media Server.

Problem lies with Roon (and as said before, in previous versions, it also worked without any issues.


I will disable Logitech Media Server for now and will re-initiate Squeezebox supporton my Roon server.

Thanks, @anon90297517. We’ll be following up with the team to go over the results of your testing and we’ll be in touch with further feedback soon.

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Hello @anon90297517,

Thanks again for testing the LMS server with these squeezeboxes. Based on the result of this test and the logs we gathered, our Senior QA team noted that this behavior is very likely an interaction on the squeezebox itself.

As for next steps here, we suggest performing a factory reset on both devices and upgrading them to the latest firmware. After performing the update and reset, please double check to ensure that no LMS server is active and let us know if this helps with the behavior in Roon, thanks!

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