Forced updates — quit them!

Is anyone else here growing increasingly irritated by the forced software updates that ruin the experience when you just want to sit and listen?


Go to Roon’s Settings > About screen and click on the gearwheel icon of your device to choose your update settings.


RTFM and have peace.


The whole idea of software is that it’s updated.


Not really, some people …

  • … complain updates are too frequent
  • … complain updates are too infrequent
  • … request frequent updates
  • … request infrequent updates
  • … just go with the flow

To quote poet John Lydgate …

You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

May I ask why it irritates you? Will the update control options, described above, mitigate this?


No, it only takes a short time and it means all elements of Roon are on the correct version.
If I was listening to something and it forced updated i might get mildly irritated, but it’s only a hobby it’s nothing life critical.


I get it. But I still think you should be “question shamed” for, you know, asking a perfectly reasonable question. Because this is the internet and that’s just what we do. And this is a forum for asking questions, but you still need to be shamed. Because this is the internet and that’s just what we do.

Pretend I’m wagging a finger at you now. Are you intimidated yet?


Agreed but the whole idea behind ‘bugfix’ updates is that they fix bugs but don’t introduce new ones. Some users have been without local content for a week now as a result of the last update. No acknowledgement from Roon yet AFAIK.

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No. It used to be months before we got bug fixes. This model / cadence they are on now is worlds better than what was happening even a year ago. It’s best to let it automagically update in the background.

However, I and others, like to wait for day zero adopters to start posting feedback. I had to train the other users on my Core to dismiss update notifications. It would be nice if it didn’t notify you or if it would notify you while also giving an option to dismiss further notifications for all profiles. But, for now, it’s easy enough to just x the notification until I can figure out what’s in the update.

Again, the easy path here is to it to automagically update and leave your Core on.


Yes, I think he control suggestions might work for me. I’ll circle back otherwise. Thank you for them.

That’s a mighty scary finger that you’re wielding.

I don’t mind them too much, but I understand where you are coming from. Perhaps updates could be scheduled per user in settings. Then each user can let their core update at a specific, scheduled time. If there are no updates, it doesn’t update. If there are updates, it will update all. Just an idea.

Just turn off automatic updates and take them when it’s convenient. I do recommend always keeping all software updated to the latest versions. Roon is no exception.

What specifically has upset you? I’m relatively new at the Roon thing, but nothing has bothered me while listening. I just looked at settings->about and don’t have the gear…

…OK, that was on my iPad, on my Mac I see the gears and they’re all set to “automatically install bug fix and other minor updates”. Interesting that is different.

I do believe I remember clicking an upgrade button, but it hasn’t been too frequent and I don’t remember it happening in the middle of a listening session. FWIW I don’t remember when it has happened but it hasn’t bothered me.

On iPad Apple won’t let you install updates in any other way than through the app store, so that’s the reason for the difference.

I never allow automatic updating. I want any issues that an update may cause to be resolved when I have the time to deal with it, not, whenever the updates drop.


The problem are not updates, you can setup Roon to avoid automatic updates. The problem is this annoying popup you have to dismiss every time. Even Windows lets you postpone updates for 7 days and leaves you alone.
And there is no way I will allow automatic update of anything. Look at the history of some of the updates you will understand why. . Here it is:
Music library Disappeared After 2.0 1223 is an active thread now
Just get rid of the popup and we are fine

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Still have a number of bugs they haven’t fixed yet been months. With every fix they do they create it just seems they create just as many new bugs and loss of features. We may have had to wait longer before but from my experience there was less broken every release.

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I totally agree that it should be my decision when to update (and if at all!). However: how Roon does it is fine for me - except that “Ask before downloading any updates” should be the default…

Never updating is, however, impossible for any software that has external dependencies on other software including cloud stuff. Inevitably there comes a time where the dependencies require that the client updates, and the faster the development pace, the sooner this point comes. It is unrealistic to expect that developer resources are spent for backward compatibility to all kinds of outdated clients