'Forcing' albums into Roon - bandcamp etc

Apologies as I am sure this has been covered already but is there a way of ‘forcing’ albums into Roon that don’t show up?

At the moment I’m only talking about a really small number of albums - around a dozen all bought from banddcamp and now in my iTunes library that aren’t picked up by Roon (or available from Tidal).

Is there a way to change the file info via finder, iTunes preferences, in Roon itself or in some other way in order to pick up these albums?


First, Check to see if the files were Skipped. FAQ link:

Then, also review the missing files FAQ to see if the reason might be there. FAQ link.

And, if neither help, let us know :smiley:.

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Thanks so much - really appreciated.

Worked it out! Of course it was me being stupid - I somehow managed to save these files in a completely different file location so they weren’t being scanned of course. No idea how they were still in iTunes but there you go…

Thanks again!