Foreign artist names?

This is a bit of a niche question, but is there a way to somehow assign aliases for artist names within Roon?
For example, the band “夢遊病者” translates to “Sleepwalker”.
If I want to be correct for archival reasons, scrobbling, etc. I tag the artist name in Kanji.
However, for search purposes, as a non-Japanese speaker, it would obviously be much easier to be able to search for the band by the translated “Sleepwalker” instead.

Is a mechanism like this possible in Roon? Should I just tag the album artist with the translated name instead?
Not sure how you guys handle this kind of use case in your collections…

This is quite difficult to solve, because each label has its own characteristics and behavior patterns, which are only reproduced 1:1 by Roon in their diversity. Only if it was read in and identified, you should make all desired interventions manually. However, these are then only on the Roon level. If you do it before, there is a risk that it will not be automatically recognized by Roon.

Not a great way of doing this that I have seen. Wish they could have a “Native Language Name” field or something. I’ve been just doing ENG NAME [native] for my artists and song titles to maintain the actual name and searchability.

Yep, I can imagine it would add a lot of extra complexity.
I will probably go the same route then, it’s not really a big problem, I was just curious if there was a more elegant way to handle this :slight_smile: