Formation Duo directivity

I bought a pair of formation duo speakers a few months ago (not my main setup, which is 800 D3s etc., but for a smaller room).

What I’ve found is that the sound is quite good (although the tweeters can be a little bit confused). The main problem I have, however, is the directivity of the speakers. I literally have to have different DSP settings depending on where I am sitting, otherwise the stereo imaging is off.

Does anyone else have this issue, and any suggestions if you do? I realize this is not a Roon issue, but it’s a pain in the backside.

Sounds like your speakers are out of phase. You can correct that in roon DSP but it would be better to solve the problem at source:

The speakers are correctly configured as left and right. And since they are wireless, I can’t have swapped positive and negative wires. Is there something else I should be reconfiguring that could be causing a phase problem? Or any other ideas?

As I said, it’s extremely annoying. I sit in one chair, and it’s fine. I sit in another chair 3 feet to the right, and the image is suddenly way off center. And it’s not like I’m sitting a few feet from the speakers or wat off axis. I’m talking 12 feet away and no more than 10 degrees off axis.

It’s a long shot but there are several phase configuration options in roon DSP. It may have nothing to do with what you are hearing but you could try it to at least eliminate phase as the cause.