Formation/WiFi stability?

I have tried the Bluesound Flex 2i and was quite disappointed with the stability when used together with Roon and connected over Wifi, so I am currently looking for options. What are the general impressions regarding B&W Formation? Is it rock solid stable when used with Roon?

It is solid but as always depends to a large extent on your WiFi network stability. I have no issues but your mileage may vary.

My wedge and flex have been very solid. I see connection rate improvements compared to an older KEF LS50w so the newness of the devices is clear. Like Tim mentioned, your wireless infrastructure itself will still likely play the biggest part in determining the performance in your environment.

Wi-fi technology in phones/tablets/etc. is obviously much more mature at this point so they can perform very well even with random wireless conditions but it does not appear like these connected audio devices are quite there yet.

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Thanks, I will probably try to test one at home and compare it with the Bluesound. I do have a very robust Wifi with great coverage and no neighbours that can interfere. My 2i was placed around 4 feet from the access point and it wasn’t until I put it only a feet away that I got “excellent” connection and that was what was needed according to Bluesound support “due to high bandwidth requirements from roon”.