Forward Navigate Button in Android

I may be missing something, but I don’t see a forward navigate button on Android in portrait mode. Am I missing a UI setting or something?

Forward navigate?

Yes, as in the forward counterpart to the navigate backwards that is already there. (The windows UI has both forward and backward navigation buttons, fwiw. Top left next to the hamburger menu.)

My windows client doesn’t

After you click the < it should show a > as well. I have that on the Mac and IIRC it was with Windows version as well. And it’s there on the iPad. Indeed it’s not there on Android phone,

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I have it on Android tablet as well (though it only shows either arrow, not both) Don’t have an iPhone. I am guessing it’s maybe a form factor thing. (Though there would be enough space on the Android phone)

See it now!
99% on the phone so forgot what the full client looks like :flushed:

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Plenty of room on my phone, especially now that the trial countdown widget is gone.

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Had a look at my Amazon fire 8hd and in portrait (phone mode) only one arrow, in landscape (tablet mode) it shows both.

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