Forward 'Now Playing' arrow madness

Morning. This isn’t a Roon issue at all, but a BluOS issue. I want to do some investigation to see whether this is an issue specific to me or is an actual bug (I have a support ticket in with Bluesound that I’m waiting to hear back on). All my devices are the ‘older’ ‘2’ variety and not ‘2i’. Could any Bluesound owners see if they have the same issue, please. There is a screenrecording too.


Devices are connected by a mix of wifi and Ethernet; the problem happens no matter what connection method, and can be reproduced.

  1. Stream music to Bluesound device; can be from either Spotify or Roon
  2. Stop music
  3. Go to the iOS Bluesound app
  4. The forward ‘Now playing’ arrow will no longer be there
  5. Devices that have not played music will have the arrow present
  6. Only a reboot of device will bring arrow back

Here is a screen recording showing the issue: