Forward Slash "/" artist delimiter ignored in Qobuz

@support, There are two problems with this Qobuz compilation.

  1. Most of the multi-part works are not grouped.
  2. There are also lot of concatenated artists, using a forward slash “/” separator. Eg.
    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Ulf Björlin/Marian Migdal

On the second point I raised this issue a long time ago, before ver. 1.6.

At the time the conclusion was there was an error in the Qobuz ingestion logic and it was fixed in ver. 1.6. I am going through the process of re-importing a library and I am seeing this problem a lot. So if it was fixed, has there been some kind of regression error in ver. 1.7?

In my Import settings I have also tried setting the forward slash “/” as an artist delimiter. But it is still being ignored. Have I misunderstood this setting in a Qobuz context or am I just doing something wrong?

Hi @Tony_Casey,

Thanks for the example here. Our team is working on some changes that we think will help here. We can’t offer any timelines just yet, but this should be better soon!