Four first Qs from a newbie

My first post (Roon newbie), I have several questions and comments to help me get oriented. 1) Perhaps the biggest obstacle I have found to my perfect Roon experience (if it is an obstacle at all): limitations on browsing my own music. Where do I post such questions; since I am not yet highly familiar with Roon I don’t know if, for example, hierarchical playlists is a new feature request. 2) I have questions about if specific hardware is supported; where do I ask. 3) Not explicitly stated: I presume I can have multiple Roon controls (i.e. devices scattered throughout my house) talking to one Roon core? 4) Where would I make comments about the initial Roon experience (i.e. “first attempts getting involved with Roon”) from the eyes of a reasonably technically sophisticated Roon newbie.

Some easy answers first:

  1. Yes, you can have many different roon controls on your network (PCs, Macs, smart phones, tablets, etc.) all controlling your single Roon core.

  2. I’d put under the “Roon Software” category. I’d also post your questions in 1 and 2 there.

In the Roon side menu you will see the following

Select Support - here is where you will find links to the Knowledge Base and Roon User Guide and to the Support page where you will find what support will want you to provide regarding info about your setup.

Search is your friend in the KB and the Community

If you think of something search the forum and see if anyone has thought the same. Google indexed the forum very well so you can use forum Search or just normal Google search.
Playlist organisation has been requested before.
Just a hint, the roon team want to see a cogent argument for why and benefits for the community rather than just a “because” or “I had it in software X”
And keep asking questions here as you explore. Welcome!!

Feel free to post them in the Roon Software category. There are a number of finicky and hard-working moderators who will not hesitate to move it to the proper place if needed. Don’t hold your breath on feature requests; the Roon guys have their own vision of the future, and after reading the last three years of the forums I am somewhat dubious that users have much effect on that vision.

Probably in the Audio Products category, but you might look at this page first.


Again, anywhere you think is appropriate; the moderators will move it if necessary. You might want to spend some time reading the forums first; many comments have already been made.

I want to thank all of you. I’ve made my first few “real” posts. Good to be reminded that moderators will move a post as needed. fyi, I did a lot of reading on the Roon website and community before starting.

I get that a feature request will not likely work. But less likely if one does not make the case.

A Feature Request may not be granted as requested, but users and Roon have different perspectives on whether a Feature Request has “worked”. For the user, it’s pretty obvious, if we don’t get what we’ve requested then from our perspective the request hasn’t worked.

But when the devs trawl through Feature Requests (which they do), the mechanics suggested by users are only one of the things they look at. They are particularly interested in understanding the use case giving rise to the Request. Quite often the request itself may have technical or other issues that prevent it being implemented as described, but it may prompt development of other ways to cater for that use case.

This has occurred numerous times, but the most public example is the configurable Play options interface. There was a lot of Forum discussion about Play mechanics before they were introduced. I don’t think any of the requests by users contemplated the end result. But save for a few Pawmasher romantics (Hi @Rugby !), the current design has been very well received.

A long way of saying that Feature Requests can be important, even if they are not granted.

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