Four-legged acoustical treatments (Post your critters! :) )


Funny, my neighnor’s tuxedo cat also spent most of its day time at my house. Liked all music except some of the more avant garde jazz.

(Larry Post) #22

These are my listening buddies. One or the other goes with me to the office too.

They are siblings from adjacent litters, Bernese Mountain dog crossed with Moyen poodle. Bernedoodle. Fantastic dogs.

(Brice Lang) #23


This is Clover - she’s a Miniature Schnauzer and always pinches my listening seat…her sister Tilly prefers to be in the kitchen closer to food.

(Pim van Vliet) #25

Hmpfff, they’re playing Cat Stevens again. I hate cats…

(Robert ) #26

That is an awesome photo of your dog. :sunglasses:

(Douglas Braddock) #27

She looks amazingly like my music buddy, Juniper! Born in 2015 in Sisters, Oregon.

(Tim Rhodes) #28

Wow! They are peas in a pod!

Luna joined our tribe in 2014 and she is 5 in January :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: She is from big country mansion in Pangbourne, England! She is much posher than us :joy:

(Douglas Braddock) #29

One more photo of Juniper. She looks so similar to Luna that I thought they could be from the same breeder in central Oregon!

(Tim Rhodes) #30

If I didnt know different I’d definitely think that was a photo of Luna!

(Mike O'Neill) #31

How many sleeping ridgeback pictures can you get

Ours had her own sun lounger

(Tim Rhodes) #32

Luna has her own sofa… pampered pooch!

She has bursts of incredibly intense periods of activity, followed by long periods of complete inactivity. Especially when I put some music on :laughing:

It’s a hard life being a dog.

(Mike O'Neill) #33

Definitely a Ridgeback trait

We’re down to an African Grey parrot , who hates me, bites me and squawkes at the music , good job I use headphones

Our pet Guinea Fowl hated harpsichord!!!

(Tim Rhodes) #34

She is actually a labrador retriever. But I think the long daytime naps that prepare her for the main evening snooze are a dog thing in general :wink:

(Mike O'Neill) #35

You can see why I was confused these ar pics of a Labrador and a Rhodesain Ridgeback , both pure bred as far as know

Note the characteristic Ridgeback take over of the sun lounger , we have many ore pics as the sunlounger fades

(Mr Fix It ) #36

@danny Nice digs and dogs.

(Horst P. Beck) #37

(Tim Rhodes) #38

I just started playing Ninjawerks Vol 1. and Luna has woken up wanting to play! I think she likes it…maybe.

(Tim Rhodes) #39

They both look comfy on those loungers! But where do the humans sit? :joy:

(Ian Rodger) #40

Oskar, my 14 year old German Pinscher loves the Rolling Stones.