Four-legged acoustical treatments (Post your critters! :) )

(Robert ) #41

This is Molly (Shih-tzu/Maltese) She likes to jump up on tables and counters.

(Dick Vliek) #42

Isn’t that Schiitzu/Maltese :wink:



(Nic) #44

Mr.George. Who goes in to a trance when I put on Keith Jarrett. :kissing_cat:

(Mike O'Neill) #45

We ha just invested in new loungers so these were the spares

You still had to fight for the new ones

Sadly both of these girls are gone , it’s a quiet house without a dog , parrots don’t really cut it

(Tim Rhodes) #46

I’m sorry to hear that they are no longer with you. I am already dreading the day we have to say goodbye to Luna… I’m going to be a blubbering, unmanly mess. But hopefully that is a long way off at the moment.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #47

Top to bottom
Floki the Bengal
Ragnar, Floki’s brother
Murray the Bombay

(Dirk Veldhorst) #48


Peluche a french stray dog. Epagnol Bréton :nerd_face:

(Marco) #49

So? What do we play now?

Jett. French bulldog

(Aaron Garrett) #50

Creampuff. German Physiks speaker in the background.

(Claire Fox) #51

We are installing critical updates. Please wait while your system reboots.

(Claire Fox) #52

We are installing more critical updates. Please wait while your system reboots.

(Nicolas Will) #53

Proof that Ragnarr took over the whole place, I turn a blind eye to his sitting on the speakers…

Also, He makes for the best music sessions…

(Nicolas Will) #54

Ah! Another Ragnar the Bengal!

Well, our is Ragnarr, 2 Rs, for more RRRRRRRR! :smile:

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #55

Ah, but is yours a bloody thirsty Viking who brings supper back from his raids on the local populace?

(Nicolas Will) #56

Of course! Same origin for the name… I have just used the Old Norse spelling!

(Miguel Rode) #57

This photo summarizes why I’m in love with cats.

(Nicolas Will) #58

He was still a little baby then!

(Greg Stratton) #59


… shows who’s in control. :slight_smile: