Four-legged acoustical treatments (Post your critters! :) )


I often have a similar issue … in my home office.

(Kim ) #62

Resting after dancing to Gimme Shelter.

(Andrew Webb) #63

M-Cat and Fluffy, who looks as though he ought be holding a 40 and yelling for someone to make him a sandwich. M likes the Stranglers while he sits in his bowl, and Fluffy only listens to songs nobody else likes.

(Kees van der Wal) #64

Ohw no, he is playing that shitty music again…:smirk::joy:

(Ian Medland) #65

What is it about cats and keyboards? (I had the same problem when worked at home - my cat developed some of my best work!)

(Mr Fix It ) #66

A mouse is too small to sit on and is better looked at from the most convenient location while disabling the primary user from using the machine…hence the keyboard.

(Mike O'Neill) #67

Try a parrot with a penchant for prizing keys off the keyboard

Probably explains my spelling


… in case you’re interested in what / how they probably hear your music. :slight_smile:
And why koi might be really good in correctly assigning genre tags …

(Scott Fletcher) #69

Love it!
Great to see so many wonderful much loved family pets that possibly vaguely resemble their owners
Audiophile forum… only on Roon!

(Scott G) #70

My buddy Bentley. He loves it when music comes on because he knows he can sit next to me and get petted.

(Mikael Ollars) #71

A lovely picture of a lovely pooch! :slight_smile:

(Scott G) #72

Thank you Mikael. He’s an awesome dog and great friend.
Just don’t invite him to a dinner party. Bad manners :wink: