Four-legged acoustical treatments (Post your critters! :) )


I often have a similar issue … in my home office.

(Kim ) #62

Resting after dancing to Gimme Shelter.

(Andrew Webb) #63

M-Cat and Fluffy, who looks as though he ought be holding a 40 and yelling for someone to make him a sandwich. M likes the Stranglers while he sits in his bowl, and Fluffy only listens to songs nobody else likes.

(Kees van der Wal) #64

Ohw no, he is playing that shitty music again…:smirk::joy:

(Ian Medland) #65

What is it about cats and keyboards? (I had the same problem when worked at home - my cat developed some of my best work!)

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(Mr Fix It ) #66

A mouse is too small to sit on and is better looked at from the most convenient location while disabling the primary user from using the machine…hence the keyboard.

(Mike O'Neill) #67

Try a parrot with a penchant for prizing keys off the keyboard

Probably explains my spelling

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… in case you’re interested in what / how they probably hear your music. :slight_smile:
And why koi might be really good in correctly assigning genre tags …

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(Scott Fletcher) #69

Love it!
Great to see so many wonderful much loved family pets that possibly vaguely resemble their owners
Audiophile forum… only on Roon!

(Scott G) #70

My buddy Bentley. He loves it when music comes on because he knows he can sit next to me and get petted.

(Mikael Ollars) #71

A lovely picture of a lovely pooch! :slight_smile:

(Scott G) #72

Thank you Mikael. He’s an awesome dog and great friend.
Just don’t invite him to a dinner party. Bad manners :wink:

(David) #73

thanks for clarification.

Will report the bugs in support. It’s clear, cheers!

I’m a bit sidetracked at the moment with a new acquisition (sorry I should say family member) in the house. Roon’s not getting much of a look in at the moment :slight_smile:

Roon Software and Roon's Forum - problems / solutions
(Paul) #74

hey @sallah_48, first: thanks for starting this post and express most of my thoughts about Roon. Well put. I am confident Roon will sort things out in the future.

(Congrats with your family expansion, lovely.
Same here, for about 8 months now: a very, very naughty and bad boy who is claiming every spare moment.


(David) #75

Lovely looking fellow there Paul! And thanks for your kind comments about my post.

Actually it’s quite a leveller getting our Ziggy, lol, my issues with Roon seem awfully trivial, lol. It’s like having a toddler again.

(Mike) #76

Roon problems / solutions thread: doggy ate my endpoint :rofl:

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(David) #77

Let me google that! “Can my puppy have too much Roon?”

Top Result…

“Strictly speaking there are official guidelines for puppies when it comes to ingesting Roon particles, however recent studies have shown…”


Sorry, I’ve been doing too much of that sort of thing in the last 10 days… dandelions, grass, mud, sticks… beer, peanuts, licking paint…soot…and so on…

(Mr Fix It ) #78

Chocolate, onions, coffee, avocado, grapes, macadamia & alcohol to name some that are bad or deadly for dogs.

Our dog loved cheese and until she was diagnosed with pancreatitis we never new it could harm her.

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(Paul) #79

He is worse than a toddler.

Endpoints are safe till now, but it can change every moment. He “inspected” the speaker cable recently.

(Geoff Coupe) #80

When Watson was a pup, he gnawed on the wooden strip down the side of one of my Quad ESL57 speakers. I was not best pleased.

He also almost chewed through a live mains cable, but he lived to tell the tale…