Four-legged acoustical treatments (Post your critters! :) )

Beautiful. And the Jerry Jeff quote brought tears to me eyes. I’ve heard that song played a million times probably, but that line still gets me and speaks to a real truth.


I am deeply humbled. You said that so incredibly well.


Words fail me gentlemen.
Such passion and feelings brought to the fore.
I thank you all for the posts and beautiful words.

As I sit here in a very similar position to @ElTel with my 22lb rescue tom on my lap, although he is always inquiring of what I am typing on the iPad and likes to “help” which necessitates some edits at times.


I think it all comes down to we know your pain or we know that pain is coming. These critters are our lives and it is sometimes unfair how short nature cuts these ties.


That’s Kia; a rescue. She is a small butterball. Could not find a gentler being. She adores my wife. The other cat adores me. This is called balance of power and involves NATO.


I thought she had antlers for a split second


Speaking of tattoos: I was able to discourage my kids from getting them by “enthusiastically” offering to help them with their choice(s). That ruined the mood, and life went on.

But I did think of two tattoos for myself

  1. Across my chest that reads “You Name Here; Limited 8 Characters”
  2. Below my navel that reads: “May Constitute a Choking Hazard”

Now back to our cat photos


Yeah. Next to the all time classic

“It doesn’t say Wendy it says Welcome to Jamaica. Have a Nice Day

The expectations of others, and the associated prejudices they express with regards to my artwork have never really bothered me. I made a conscious choice to stay within the confines of collars and cuffs not only because of professional concerns and others’ preconceptions, but also because of my own aesthetic.

I ran consulting businesses in tech and engineering targeting banks and other conglomerates, often taking lead roles in large programs for some customers. I had numerous instances of bumping into customer-side contacts whilst out and about when I was not wearing the standard trousers and collared shirt uniform of the corporate world. Reactions were across the spectrum. It was amusing with some people to see the abject confusion and split-second mental gymnastics going on in their faces: “wait… hang on… this guy is running a huge program for us but he’s not what I thought he was”.

Yep. It takes all sorts.

These experiences made me a more open employer too. I became aware of my own unconscious bias very early. I found it easier to look beyond the public-front that people project and into the things that make them an individual. Once you pare these things away, you can make a truly objective assessment based on skills, attitude and potential. When this is your hiring approach, it can foster a true meritocracy which benefits both valued employees, customers as well as the bottom-line.

Early on, once I had started on my artwork, my father was not keen and was vocal about it too. “What is that going to look like when you get old, son?”. “It’s going to look awesome, dad!”.


By the way, just finished the final season of Ricky Gervais’s “After Life” last night. What a great series, and beautiful ending.


I like your art a great deal.

Glad you enjoyed. Quite an ending.

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Thank you.

Now, back to photos of pets… Here’s the dragon that lives on my back :wink::


You are one amazing human being, an honor to know you.

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I am humbled. You’re too kind. Thank you.

They do say small nuts can be dangerous :slight_smile:

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You might think damping an amp with 20 pounds is too much, but I assure you the sound is wonderful.


This is what we term the Bengal/ Savannah standoff…

Rocket wants the toy.
Bailey does not really want the toy but she does not want Rocket to have it!

And in the background Zero doing what he does best…eating and ignoring the drama.


Funny. No eye contact or was that because you disturbed them?

Ha, seconds before the photo it was the steely deathstare from both combatants.
But of course once you try to take the perfect picture they decide otherwise!