Four-legged acoustical treatments (Post your critters! :) )

…and I’m one of those landlords, it can be a risky business having pets in the property as tenants might not want to lose “deposits” or pay for damage caused by their pet, that said, I have recently taken that risk.


We had similar experiences with great dog beds, but cats sleeping in them and v.v. I think that scent and curiosity play roles in this.

Recently, one of our rescues who understandably has been a fearful little thing lets us, and now wants us, to cover her with a blanket to stay warm.


Awe, glad you got her, she needs a good place to stay :smiley: I can see pain in her eyes poor thing.

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The whole tenant/landlord thing needs some mutual trust to work well. I suspect I’m one of his better tenants, he gave up inspections after the first one which was more than three years ago. I’m ready for out of rentals, my DIY ambitions have been on hold too long…


Not to go off topic but I did adopt my dog or puppy at the time while I was still renting. I just straight up asked him and we had a conversation about it and he agreed. It’s definitely a 2 way street!


Sweet spot?

I think any animal in this thread has found the sweet spot. My favorite thread!


56Kg puppy almost makes 8Ks seem lightweight! Only one on the couch at a time, though, I see!

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Pink nose and pink toes.


Hi there, my name is Lovely, and I’m a Rough Collie.

That’s what I looked like eight months ago.



So Lovely, you’re a gorgeous looking dog, though I’m not sure where the “rough” part of the moniker comes from…

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“Smooth” Collies are short-coated. “Rough” Collies are also called “Long-Haired” (or “Scottish”) Collies. Like you, I think “rough” is a peculiar word choice. Lovely’s coat definitely feels as fluffy as it looks…


She is a real beauty. I don’t see many where I live in upstate NY. Always loved that breed.


What a pretty girl! But it figures as she was darling as a puppy!


A “street cat” in Kathmandu, Nepal, 2019.


Not my pet, this is Della, my sister’s dog and my bestie whenever I visit her

She really wants to be my pet :wink:


Awww, she’s totally adorable!


Now my wife is thinking we need a Rough Collie to accompany our Border Collie…


This is why we need a strong partner in our lives. How can we possibly function when we alone can’t see such an obvious path to make our lives better. Mrs F knows you better than you know yourself. She is a keeper. :wink:


Apropos of the Rough Collie that Graeme didn’t know he was getting until just now, a few weeks ago, with some considerable gravitas, Mrs Tel declared that we are getting chickens.

She has just ordered a custom coop and a run that is being made in the Melbourne northern suburbs for delivery and assembly sometime in late March. Our gardener is busy preparing the area and organising some flexible mobile fencing so we can section off areas ad hoc to allow the hens to clear and scratch around without jeopardising the contents of our raised vegetable beds.

I was indifferent to the idea to begin with, but so many people out here in rural Victoria have chooks and I’ve been won-over by some of the recent pub-talk too. Apparently (and I had no idea), chickens can be quite sociable and affectionate towards humans. Fresh eggs from content birds is a great upside too.

Unbeknownst to her, I have organised a name sign for Mrs Tel’s new coop. A wooden plaque with laser-etched script on it to hang over the coop door. It reads: “Cluckingham Palace”.

I should have seen this coming. Mrs Tel is a craft-whizz and loves to crochet. She is becoming a master of the art of making crochet animals (our young nieces are always asking for unicorns, kangaroos etc etc). I should have realised earlier that over the last couple of months, her amigurumi output was inexorably leading to the recent declaration of us acquiring some laying hens:


Ha ha Tel I have one of those crochet monsters as well living with me. Keeps her quiet and she makes a lot of things for the house and friends.
And she tolerates my music :clap::+1: