Franck: Symphony in D minor; Bizet: Symphony in C conducted by Semyon Bychkov

This album is available on Qobuz but Roon fails to identify the CD-rip in my library. I’ve tried adding the Qobuz version to my library as a temporary measure to aid identification but it doesn’t help. I’ve also been through making sure the metadata are all correct. Please help me resolve this issue.

Hi @Philip_Gibson, I am curious. Did you get a satisfactory identification with the Qobuz album? What I got was so bad I actually unidentified the album. The Franck symphony was identified as the piano transcription and the Bizet symphony wasn’t grouped hierarchically.

This isn’t worth keeping so I just unidentified to get access to more manual editing options. With this album I get much better results unidentified.

No, @Tony_Casey, in my case too the Qobuz identification is rubbish. I’ve had to do quite a lot of work on the rip’s metadata to get a satisfactory result – one where Roon recognizes the two works as such. I’m puzzled by what the problem is here. I’d have thought this was a mainstream Philips Classics release.

Ok, understood. I regularly get this. Its a shame the editing features available for streamed content does not match those for local content. I would prefer not to unidentify the album just to get a composition identification.

I totally agree. And it would also be good if Roon could up its game when it comes to metadata editing. But there are other threads about that!

Hi @Philip_Gibson & @Tony_Casey — We’ve created a ticket with our team to investigate this further, and we definitely hope to do better here. Your report is much appreciated!

Thanks, @dylan. Much appreciated.