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The import of Welcome to the pleasure dome from my NAS drive, the Roon import appeared to show tracks from the 25th Anniversary edition rather than the original album that is in my collection. Not sure what information you might need to fix but just shout if you do


Hi @Neil_Mason1. Some questions:

  1. Was this an automatic identification?

  2. Please can you post a snapshot of the tracks in the NAS folder. For example:


  1. Please can you post a snapshot of the tracks in Roon? For example:


hi Joel

Yes, this was automatic identification

if all goes well, the images are below
first two are from Tidal, third is the NAS
I can correct it easily by telling ROON to use the file data, but sure you are keen to investigate!



@Neil_Mason1 Hi Neil, many thanks for that. Our data are wrong because the metadata on Rovi’s “main release” of this album are wrong. I think they’ve been confused because the (apparent) running order on the back cover of the main release CD appears to be wrong. OTOH, the track timings are the same as every other 16-track release of the album. Hence we’re matching your album and displaying the wrong titles.

I’ve asked Rovi to sort this out; in the meantime, you can sit tight (assuming they agree with me, it will be fixed in about a week), or you can prefer your own track titles for the album.

hi Joel

Thanks very much for looking into this for me.
Happy to wait (I don’t listen to the album very often). Will I need to do anything when the information is corrected, or will it all happen seamlessly in the background?


When fixed, it will update in the background :slight_smile: .

Excellent, thanks

Good spot @Neil_Mason1. Mine’s the same.

Morning All,

checked this last night and it looks correct now, so thanks for sorting so efficiently


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Are you sure? I don’t think that the changes have made it through yet!

The problem was that, although the track listing on the back of the CD was not strictly incorrect, it was misleading. Specifically, the first three track titles mentioned were part of track 1, and the interlude was not listed :roll_eyes:

I think Roon was still using the NAS contents to update the library. i though I switched it back after our previous dialogue but obviously not


No worries. It normally takes about a week for Rovi changes to propagate through to libraries: a day or two to fix, a day or two to publish, and then a while before it’s a particular album’s turn in your library’s round-robin updating to request the latest metadata.

I have “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” in my library, ripped from my own CD (which was purchased (in the US) back when the album was first released). Roon thinks the album has 13 tracks, while I have 15. Is this the same issue that was supposedly already corrected? Because if so, something is still wrong. (I am new to Roon, so this import was performed about ten days ago. Well after the previous post in this thread.)

Hi there,

To be honest I gave up and am now using the information I created when I ripped the album rather than the ROON sourced information. My album was probably the original CD release and I notice there has been several versions since! There are a few other albums which don’t match up which I put down to the age of my collection as much as anything else

it is a little bit frustrating but not the end of the world and certainly no issue for me


Hey @cwichura,

Thank you for your report! We’ve investigated and have identified an issue with the 15 track release of this album. We have opened a ticket for further investigation into this. I can’t give any timeframes just yet as to when you can expect this to be resolved, but I can promise that I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated as new information becomes available.

Kind regards,

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