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It seems strange to open a thread with music in French when the singer was not born in France at all. But someone who has lived with his wife almost all his life in Belgium and even speaks this language fluently as a native, like many of the neighboring countries, may start as a born Italian and then listen to the anthem of the Bläck Fööss.

Some in our community have already shown their big heart for old and new recordings. I once shared this passion and saved almost every box in the basement of relatives and acquaintances and even at the end of a flea market from rotting and throwing away, sorted, digitized and given away in individual pieces to respective lovers. Today I would still not know Frédéric François, if there had not been two times vinyl in a box. Now a niece puts the beloved vinyl and the old geezer listens comfortably on the sofa the self-digitized and photographed and connects it with the knowledge database in Roon.

and now 50 years of friendship with France France…

It is a new version with Tom Gaebel, who can please our jazz friends.

Who wants to go to the Paris Cafe and old Chanson?

It could be the beginning of a week-long journey, because this selection is rather small.

very soulful for the quiet moments but not the classic chanson, because the French pianist he grew up in the 70s and this album is released in 1992.