Free download: Dr. Z's Test CD (from Audiophile Style)

And here’s the accompanying booklet, included with the link above.

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Late to the party Slim!

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Ah, the story of my life.


Some party if that’s the CD you take. Nerds to the left of me, anally retentive to the right. :notes::notes::man_facepalming:

I admit it. I downloaded it.

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I do have a test record. But it’s vinyl, even sadder.

I have 3 vinyl, 2 digital, plus this one. Do I stand to your left or right?

In the corner facing the wall. Shame.

I have a couple of test CDs but keep the rips in a folder not watched by Roon. The thought of a 1kHz 0db test tone popping up during a Roon Radio session is what led to this arrangement. Is there any foolproof way of keeping these albums out of a Radio session? I could tag them with the ROONRADIOBAN tag as I do with audiobooks I suppose, but that tag wasn’t around when I ripped them, hence the unwatched folder arrangement.

I just have them in a watched folder called ‘Test tracks’ which I leave disabled until I want to use them.