Free Qobuz albums - No Wonder They're Giving This Away

(JohnV) #1

"Qobuz and Roon offer you an album in 24-bit Hi-Res!

Discover two jazz concerts from Emile Parisien in the highest audio quality available."

If you did not receive this email, no worries. You can have my copies. First come, first served.

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Free Qobuz albums from Roon
Free Qobuz albums from Roon
(Marco) #2

I was a bit surprised to see this type of spam coming from Roon.

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I don’t subscribe to Qobuz, but I got two e-mails. One to my current Roon id, which I did use to check out Qobuz, and one to a Roon id that I used long ago when first evaluating Roon, but never used for Qobuz…

How does this happen?

(Danny Dulai) #4

They had something to give out. We figured some people would want it. There was no obligation.

Can you suggest a better way to offer this to our members that may have wanted to take advantage of this?

If you uncheck join mailing list from settings -> account, We won’t send this type of thing to you.


Great, that’s what I wanted to know.


Now, if I can only get that Nigerian prince to stop offering me $1 million.

(Marco) #6

Some sites differentiate between their “real” newsletters and additional third party offers, so you can choose to subscribe to one, but not the other. Maybe you could introduce that option as well if you intend to send out similar offers for Qobuz or Tidal in the future.

(First world problem, I know :wink: )

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(JohnV) #7

No complaints about the offer per se. Maybe a choice of downloads would reach a larger audience.

(Anthony) #8

Spam? Why do you call it spam?

(Andrew Cox) #9

Spam, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder.

Personally I turn off all newsletters and marketing communications from all sources whenever I can. Those that sneak through feel like spam to me too, much the same as physical junk mail.

I didn’t receive this offer, so something is working.

(Roel) #10

You only got 1? I’ve got a lawyer offering me 65. A prince should be able to cough up a bit more… :wink:

Perhaps it is an idea to differentiate a bit more between different kinds of email. For example: Roon news and Roon/third party/marketing offerings. People then have the choice to receive news about Roon but no other offerings.

edit: Weirdomusic already had the same idea

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(Marco) #11

Because they try to sell me something that I’m not interested in (Qobuz), and because I got it twice, once on an address that is not used for an active Roon subscription.


I got a mail from Roon and Qobuz yesterday giving me two free classical albums from Qobuz. Nice gesture any body else get this?

(Mike B) #13

I have no problems with this. Still have to listen through…

(DonaldLL) #14

This is definitely not my kind of music but I like the idea/concept of Roon sending me this. It made me pause and listen which IMO is a chance to move beyond my musically familiar boundaries. There’s always the option to just delete the email.

(Charlie B) #15

Dear Danny,
Please explain to me the following, because maybe I am doing something or don’t understand something.

Mailing list option is unchecked in settings, still got the Qobuz offer, aka spam. So who is mailing me this, Roon or Qobuz? -------> I never did anything with Qobuz, no free trial or any other contact.
Did Roon supply Qobuz with my mail address or did Roon “forward” the offer from Qobuz to me anyway?

Thanks in advance.

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(Danny Dulai) #16

Our database shows your account as joined to the mailing list. Can you show me a screenshot of where it shows unchecked?


Do you, as I do, have two Roon ids? One that you used briefly to evaluate and one you now use permanently?

If so then the obsolete id is still on the Roon database and you will still get the spam.

(Paul Langdon) #18

No problem with this. Not listened yet but happy to receive - might broaden my horizons.

(Chris Brown) #19

Yep no problem here ether.

It certainly broadened my music horizon. All the way out to a very dark place on the other side of the universe, where I’m not sure I ever really want to go back to!:wink:.

It’s like wine. All a matter of taste. You have to drink some questionable ones, to appreciate the others!:slightly_smiling_face:

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(Ramiro Salas) #20

I don’t get why so much hate. I have a Qobuz subscription and I hadn’t heard this album. It’s actually fairly decent jazz. I’m not going to object to free stuff…

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