Free Qobuz / Roon PIAS album - Can’t find in Roon

The new gift album from Roon / Qobuz plays in Qobuz, but Roon doesn’t recognise it.

How do I fix this please?


I’ve just downloaded the 2nd free album gift from Qobuz. When I press on one of the artists for more info it looks like Roon doesn’t come up with anything. However, when I search in Roon for the artist suddenly the artist is known and the info page etc. are visible. Below some screenshots which might clarify this problem.

When pressing on the artist name as shown by the particular song, it turns up with:

When I search for this artist Roon turns up with all the info (as well as the “unknown” artist)

Has anyone got an idea how to cure this?

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I have same problem. What is the fix?

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It works ok for me, but I do clean up all the tags before adding.


For instance I make sure there are ARTISTSORT tags present for each track (.i.e. I add them)

Album artist is set to Various Artists.

The album is still shown as unidentified though, which is to be expected as the album isn’t likely to get on any of the metadata sources (unless we add it ourselves)

It’s a rather half-hearted thing, this present. I just don’t understand why Roonlabs didn’t inject those albums’ metadata into its cloud. As if this would have been that difficult; the experience could have been better, really … :slightly_frowning_face:

I had to locate the file on my computer (search) and then copy the file to my NAS.
It shows up in Roon now where it did not before.