Free User (11 days) - Support?

Roon Core Machine

HP probook 440 G7 model 2021 intel core I5 SSD
Using mij probook as a remote
Speed connetction in and out 650/866 (mbps)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router experiabox V10- Ethernet netgear switch. All my gear is wired with ethernet to a utp - connected to a audioquest Q3.

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node - with analoge amplifer NAD356BEE - buchardt s400 mk 2
Qobuz - Roon

Number of Tracks in Library

17444 numbers

Description of Issue

Installed the update this morning and afterwards I couldn’t play via Roon. Then gave everything a reset (including my router) and my wifi for my computer.
I was able to play then but after two songs I had the same problem again. Now I can no longer play through Roon only after disconnect my wifi at mij computer ik can play 2 songs … and over again. Also ik don’t get pictures of som albums…
Can you help me? I am now a free user, but if the problem can’t be solved (11 days left) I won’t pay for Roon.

Regards Sipco

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Problem solved, i installed the roon core on other lenovo laptop. Now everything is working!
Stil don´t now what the problem is with the other laptop.

Hi @Sipco_Wiersma,

Welcome to Roon, and thank you for reaching out in Community! Should you have any questions, difficulties, or revelations during your Roon trial and beyond, this is the place to find expertise.

I’m thrilled to hear switching Cores to your other laptop resolved the issue for now. If you’re interested in using your original laptop as a Core, I’d be happy to troubleshoot what the issue might have been. You can also read more about minimum hardware requirements for Roon Core in this Help Center article.

So long as the Netgear switch you mentioned is an unmanaged switch, it shouldn’t present an issue in your network. However, I recommend taking a look through our Networking Best Practices guide to guarantee long-term success as you setup Roon for your space.

We’re all eager to answer any questions you might have about Roon. Feel free to start a new post if anything comes up.

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