Freezing in Tag View (1.8/778) [Resolved - B783]

I have a number of albums tagged in categories. I can scroll down but as soon as I scroll up, Roon freezes without fail. I have to exit and restart. The issue persists for all categories.

This happens on all remotes (iOS, MacOS & Win 10).

This doesn’t happen when accessing the categories through “Focus” in the Album View.

I don’t think this was prevalent in early builds of 1.8 - I suspect it’s been introduced in B778 as I use tags extensively.

Running ROCK on NUC8i7BEH.

This is a known issue with Build 778 and a ticket has been submitted.

See here: Build 778 Crashes in Mac OS and iOS when scrolling album pages in Tags

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We’ve just released Build 783 which includes a fix for this. Thanks for your patience while we’ve worked to get this resolved, everyone!