Freezing Metadata Updates?

I’m wondering if there are any edits I can make within Roon that will prevent updates to “new” metadata coming in. I was under the impression that editing an album would “freeze it’s structure” and prevent future updates in that particular field. As such, I’m one of the few people who has edited every single album and track in my collection, including deselecting credits I feel only add clutter.

Nevertheless, I am still seeing changes being applied to edits I have made. Some of it is changes to credits I have already deselected, while other times it can be new information. Most of this metadata isn’t necessarily wrong, but is often superfluous and adds a lot of unnecessary information to the credits page.

For example, just this weekend, I found my entire Rhythm & Sound discography had been completely swamped by new tags. Musicians who had already been credited as vocalist (via my own edits), had now been tagged as primary artist, performer, musician, and lead vocalist. It is completely unnecessary to have them listed so many times when looking at the album - it’s confusing. Other times, the new credits are just plain wrong.

I understand that the metadata does not come from Roon itself, so someone at the provider-level must have went in and done an update on their discography. Fair enough. But is there any way I can “freeze” new updates like this coming in, kind of like the way editing other fields “freezes” that field?

I also understand I’m in the absolute minority on this level of editing everything, but if there is nothing I can do, it would be nice to implement a lock feature so that all my work is not swamped by future metadata “improvements”.

EDIT - Some background: I am only running local files, I tag everything outside of Roon first before importing. However, there are some extra credits that I only add within Roon because their value is only useful to me within the UI - for example: album-level credits like mastering, sleeve design etc. All of my settings are set to “prefer file”.

Interested to see if there is a workaround for this.

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