Frequency Therapeutics Announces Positive Results from Hearing Restoration Drug Trial

Frequency Therapeutics has created some kind of ‘cure’ for hearing. Any ear doctors here? I have slight hearing loss on my right ear and I wonder if this used on both ears could restore my hearing back to how it was when I was young?

The ear damage was caused by hearing loud music. Though it’s not that badly damaged, I really miss the acoustics I hear back when I was really young. Does anyone else have hearing imbalance, and how do you cope with it?

A more recent report. Doesn’t effect frequency hearing, so not for audiophiles.

I’ll take +10 dB at 8KHz :wink:

This drug is still in early clinical trials and won’t be widely available for some time (assuming it is proved to work in the trials). Right now, hearing aids are the only cure we have.

I think it should read as my edit above