Frequent connection/reconneection problems with audio devices

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Core running on iMac Pro 18 core, using the latest 10.14.x beta, endpoint is a HP z6 workstation with 32 GB RAM with the latest Win 10 Pro 64 bit build, nVIdia 1050 GPU, Intel Xeon 4114 CPU. Paul Pang v2 USB card in the HP, Singxer SU-1 DAC connected to the PP v2 card and I2S output of the SU-1 to a Holo Audio Spring 2 DAC, using I2S connection. Roon is the latest as well.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear Ethernet switch between the iMac Pro/ HP z6

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Paul Pang v2 USB card in the HP, Singxer SU-1 DAC connected to the PP v2 card and I2S output of the SU-1 to a Holo Audio Spring 2 DAC, using I2S connection

Description Of Issue

Connection to the audio devices is dropping continuously on the Core and on the endpoint as well.
generally shows only the System Output. It happens roughly in every 10-15 seconds. It was working earlier but since the latest automatic Windows upgrade 2 days ago I have this issue, strangely enough on the iMac Pro too, even if the windows endpoint is not running at all, and I connect the Holo DAC to the iMac directly.

So any suggestion, any advice what to check?

Reboots aplenty. reconnection to the audio devices tried several times. Different ports on the switch too, using different Ethernet connection on the HP and on the iMac too, did not help at all.

You might consider removing the version of Roon running on the HP (is this a full Roon Core?) and installing the 32-bit version of Roonbridge.
If you are only using the HP as a Bridge, you don’t need the advantages of a 64-bit app and the 32-bit version may be more stable. Could also be as simple as a reinstallation of what you have on the HP

Hello @fer_ko,

Thanks for the clear report, I have created a ticket with for the QA team with this information.

It would be helpful to know if the “RAATServer” or “Roon” processes are using an excessive amount of CPU in Activity Let me know and I will append to the ticket.


Dear All,

thanks for the suggestions. I deleted the exiting Roon on the HP, installed Roon Bridge and it now seems to work. With the Singxer SU-1. It does not wrk with the Holo ASIO driver. It sees it but no streaming goes through it. However the Holo does not work with any of my player apps, including Hqplayer Desktop, NAA, Jplay and Foobar. All the apps see it but no one is working with it. So it seems the Roon problem was solved with the Bridge install but I need to dig deeper with the Holo ASIo driver.

Thanks for the help again.

No, there was no excessive CPU activity on the iMac Pro or the HP either.

It’s your money and your time, but in your shoes I’d give up on trying to fix the Windows>SU-1>Holo setup and get something like a Allo USBridge that in my experience worked perfectly with SU-1 and Holo Spring (I sold the SU-1 and Holo Spring a while ago when I switched to Metrum gear but I was happy with that setup for a while). From reading these threads and other forums for several years, Windows USB audio has lots more problems than Mac or Linux (the Allo USBridge is a teeny Linux device).

Thanks for the suggestion. A bit of a history of my audio experiments.

I am hardcore Mac user, and started to use and install, sell Apple in my high-end audio system and for pro audio use around 2003 (in an Audio Note Kageki, Accuphase SACD transport/DAC, Avantgarde Acoustics Trio 3 way speaker system), more than 15 years ago (dealing with video editing on Mac since 1992). I have an SoTM SMS200 Neo as well as a low powered Linux Roon/HQP NAA end point since ages. I am using Roon and HQP roughly 4 years ago now.

I have RME ADI2 DAC, Merging Hapi with the Premium DSD DAC, were using MSB Tech for quite a while after the Accuphase. I have some Metrum DAC experience as well. So I have a bit of experience. Started to make DSD recordings around 2000 (with a pro DcS A/D, D/D, DAC stack and a Tascam recorder) and quite a bit more since then. I am really happy with the Holo Spring 2 level Kitsune Tuned Edition. It is one of the best DAC I have ever had. I need DSD, and I need DSD256 or higher capability too, because of some recording experiments. So no way I can use any of the Metrum DACs. I have the Singxer because of some old pro D/A converters which do not have USB connection and sometimes I need to use.

The Holo works perfectly well in the HP z6 10 core Xeon workstation. I was very much surprised how well a very big 1000W PSU Xeon workstation sounds against all odds and hifi wisdom. I have it because of a recording studio project but tried it in my small home audio system with PMC active studio monitors and really surprising how good it sounds. So I tried to experiment with it, and one of the way was trying different USB cards with it, like the PP v2 and soon a Pink Faun, Jplay Femto and I found the Holo / PP v2 USB combo does not work.

I really hate Windows. Really. This is why I am so surprised that this HP sounds so good. I like it quite a bit more than I like my iMac Pro / SoTM SMS200 Neo and Ultra.

Sorry for the long history. :slight_smile:

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Your HP doesn’t really know it is Windows. It knows it has an Intel processor and is probably happy with that. Maybe in another life it would have been a Mac.
So it is happy to give you good sound and not fret about it’s OS heritage.
My last two PCs were MacBook Pros and I switched to a Surface Book i7. It is magnificent and frankly it doesn’t seem all that much different than the other Mac PCs.
Enjoy the music!

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