Frequent Hangs and Delays with Roon Interface (ref#Q7V3OP)

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Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

Since B1310 launched, I’ve been getting more hangs (where the squid appears and never disappears) and long pauses (5-10 seconds post pages request with squid prior to page paint). It’s true on my iPhone and iPad Roon clients as well as a Mac client. I have a separate Roon core (i5, connected directly via a short ethernet patch cable) to my core ubiquiti Unifi switch.

Roon Core Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Core Specifications

I5, 8gb Ram, library on ssd connected via usb; has been running happily for 3 years. On latest early access version.

Connected Audio Devices

7 Sonos zones, 3 RopieeeXL zones. No issues with playback, purely an interface issue.

Home Network Details

All Unifi. 8 APs, two 24 Port switches in core server closet, three L2 8-port switches. All APs with home runs. Unifi Dream Machine Pro.

For what it’s worth, this is becoming constant.

(It’s on multiple screens and devices). Restarted ROCK, no difference. Each time I have to restart the iOS or Mac controller / app, and most of the time it does the trick. This is new behavior to me since last release (Not that I never had a lock up like this or delay, just that it was rare).

Hi, @Johnny_Ooooops ! Thank you for reporting.
We examined the diagnostics report received from your machine and after going through it we found a couple of events that might point to network instability and authorization error. Don’t you remember, by chance, if there were any software updates taken on routers/switches in the recent past?

Hi @oleh thanks for the reply!

I’d love to see those particular log entries to see if I can interpret anything from them. I know how to scan Roon logs, but I don’t know which lines you’re referring to. When you say “authorization error”, do you mean that the Roon app is trying to authenticate with the Core and is failing due to a time-out or that there’s a network authorization error?

UniFi releases new software all the time. The UDM Pro was updated to UniFi OS 3.1.15 in late July, and the Network application was updated to v.7.4.162 back in mid-July. None of those correspond exactly to my perception of when these longer waits manifested, but there’s a difference between perception & reality.

Many thanks!

Also, periodically I get the “something is not right” error:

I have to say “select a different core” and then I pick my core, and then everything is back to normal. This is less frequent than the spinning squid, but maybe once a day. If you’re looking at my logs, this just occurred 2 minutes ago.

I should mention that I had both IGMP snooping and multicast enhancement on. No idea why that should be, as I know those are “bad things”™ for Roon. Perhaps as part of an upgrade somewhere? Can’t imagine. And it’s not like there’s another admin for my home network. Anyhow, turned them off. Bet that’s it, will report back if symptoms persist.

Those symptoms are very similar to those I’ve experienced recently with RoonAppliance running on Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 that where associated with growing physical memory, in my case getting over 20GB in a 32GB machine. The problem went away when I rebooted the server, but memory is again slowly creeping up.


Unifi updates occasionally enable previously disabled settings. I had terrible wi-fi performance a couple of months back. After some digging, it turned out mesh mode had been enabled for the APs. Fine for the house, but not when it included the one in the garden office which was almost completely out of range.

It throttled all of my wi-fi back to ~30 Mbps.

Took the office one out of the mesh and all was well again.

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Ok, just disabled mesh. Had to stop using an AP that was in a hard-to-get-to spot, but I don’t think it made much difference to the overall performance there anyways; doesn’t seem to have unthrottled things too much, I got 120MB with mesh on and 130MB with it off in a quick WiFiMan test, but I’ll try anything right now :slight_smile:

Also went back to check how much RAM I had and whether it was in two MMs or if I should get a second. Turns out it has 64GB off RAM in two 32GB modules. I must be using a NUC I’d spec‘ed for a desktop machine back when I wanted a windows machine around.

Wondering if my logs are still showing anything indicating I have an issue with authorization. But I don’t know what I’m looking for. And symptoms don’t seem much better.