Frequent music dropouts on Roon over Waversa Wslim Lite device (ref#5T31Y0)

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Dear Roon Team, I’m running Roon SW on my 2016 Macbook Pro with 16GB RAM and I’m experiencing frequent dropouts in music playback over my Waversa Wslim Lite device. My computer is connected to Wifi and Waversa is on LAN. Music source is Qobuz with no local on my MBP or network storage. Spotify and Mconnect DLNA (Qobuz, Wifi on Iphone) work without interruptions on the same endpoint. Please advise, Miroslav Lesjak

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MBP 2016, 16GB ram and 512GB SSD

Connected Audio Devices

Wawersa Wslim Lite

Home Network Details

Computer on Wifi, Wawersa on Lan, Vodafone Germany Internet router with cable internet connection 1000Mb/s

There may be other issues involved as well but it is certainly not ideal to have the Macbook running the Roon Core (server) connected to the network by WiFi. At the very least, this means that at times the data stream from Qobuz to the Roon Core will contend with the data stream from the Roon Core to the Roon Endpoint. If may be that the WiFi bandwidth to the Macbook is not sufficient to reliably sustain these two streams - especially if the Macbook is a long way removed from the Router/WiFi access point such that the signal strengh is low.

If I were you, I would try (temporarily) connecting the Macbook to the network with a wired connection and see whether the issue goes away. If it does, then the WiFi to the Macbook is likely to be the issue otherwise there must be something else going on.

If your core is somehow connected by WiFi to your network try to connect it by cable.

You tiping is just a little bit faster😉

Thank you, connecting the Macbook to LAN solved the problem. I will look into setting up a dedicated ROON Core with a wired connection.

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