Frequent Pauses In Playback AFTER 1.8 Upgrade

I stream FLAC files to a Marantz Receiver and have “heard” a significant increase in pauses since upgrading. More than just an occasional anomaly. My Windows 10 Computer AND IPAD are both experiencing this right after upgrade. Any other reports of this?

a significant increase in pauses

Did you have any pauses before the upgrade? If so, there’s something wrong with your setup independently of Roon version.

Nothing noticeable before the update. It seemed solid and consistent from both devices.

Then I’d suggest you start a support thread providing all the information asked for there, so that Roon support can track and debug the issue. There should be no pauses in play unless there’s a bug somewhere.

Thank you. Being relatively new to the support forums and having just gone thru my first upgrade what would be the proper approach? Because it’s so new I have been combing thru the reported issues and doing my own troubleshooting, but I wanted to get it documented. Thanks again.


If you start a new thread in the Support category, it gives you a pre-formatted message that asks for all the relevant info (core, endpoints, remotes, networking, …). That’s the best way to get the attention of Roon staff.

Thanks again.