Frequent Roon drops

Roon Core Machine

intel nuc8i3beh
Win 10 pro, intel core i3-8190U @3.00 Ghz, 16GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP Link Archer main router extended via TP Link Re450 via LAN cable, No VPN
Have used this setup right from the beginning without any issue. This problem has started only recently. Also, my other internet activities connected from same access point has faced so issues. I don’t think this is a network issue. Please let me know how can I share my roon logs so you can help me understand.

Connected Audio Devices

USB Dac, No HDMI, No chromecast
Use Roon Server only, Roon Remote on Phone to switch tracks etc.
DAC is connected to the core machine which has Roon Server in it

Number of Tracks in Library

About 15k-20k.

Description of Issue

Roon Server drop issues are very frequent. Restarting didn’t solve the issue. Internet works fine over Netflix and other such services without any drops.
I can share my log files but unable to attach in this message.


This is irrelevant to Roon use. Roon is a much heavier user of the network than other apps. Roon does not work well over WiFi. Frequent dropouts are an indication of that.

However, maybe it’s just your WiFi extender. Many people successfully use Eero. Do a forum search for more info.

Man please read correctly atleast.

It’s not on wifi. I have been using the configuration as mentioned above ie main router to extender over wifi and extender to roon server via lan cable since years. I haven’t had trouble before. This issue only cropped up recently.

How can my problem be irrelevant? A problem is a problem innit?

If it isn’t on WiFi then why are you posting about an extender?

Are you a mod?
Are you from the support team?
Can you help?

If no then please don’t waste your time or mine.


Rude replies will get you no help :triumph:


I am not replying rudely. I raised this request on support forum seeking help from roon support. This isn’t a topic for discussion and the comment posted offered no help nor any solution. Infact it labelled my problem as irrelevant.

Ok, I didn’t say your problem was irrelevant. I said that comparing Roon network usage to other apps was irrelevant.

Tagging @support, but if you are using Wifi anywhere in the chain, as you seem to be implying by listing a WiFi extender, then that’s probably your dropout problem.

Ok thanks man. I might have misunderstood. The problem is frustrating me as it is. I apologies for the confusion.

I have been using the same method and way of connecting since the start and have never faced this issue before. The drops have become crazy as of late and nothing seems to fix it.

I think sharing my log files with @support might help understand the issue better.

Ok, no problem. WiFi is almost always a prime culprit in dropouts.

If you’ve been using WiFi to connect successfully in the past, then you might try changing what channel your WiFi is on.

I’m out. Good luck.

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thanks xxx. is there a way to find the best channel for the same? this seems something i can test out to see if it fixes anything

but yes past couple of years went by without any issues over the wifi extended setup

Trial and error.

If you want to see if your WiFI in general is a problem, try (if it’s possible and just as test) to connect solely thru Ethernet.

@support will be along in awhile.

thanks xxx. the problem with testing over ethernet is not possible in my case as I do not have a streamer in between. So my dac has to use the usb on my nuc.

because of this the dac and nuc and in turn the speakers and amp need to be in the same room.

my main router is in a different room and extending all the way using cables is a difficult and messy task.

WiFi isn’t a fixed entity. It can be impacted by neighbours, weather conditions, solar storms etc.

Without being rude …

The forum realistically doubles as support and community help. There are many users with 7-8 yrs experience of Roon. The majority of issues have raised their head many times and without an encyclopaedic knowledge of the forum an individual cannot hope to search out an answer hence the community.

The support staff are few in number and in most occasions the solution is found and applied long before support get involved.

If the issue is complex then it will find its way to support when logs can be checked etc.

2 golden rules

Don’t avoid rebooting the system including the modem ‘ router

If you can (obviously you can’t) avoid wi fi

Running an Ethernet cable I suspect in you case will cure your woes.

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Thanks i completely understand. I have never been rude on this forum. It was more of frustration. I clarified this with xxx who’s intention was to help. I am not a native speaker hence might have misunderstood the intention.

I am using an Ethernet cable to connect my nuc with the extender. So my setup is semi wifi i guess.

Also, i haven’t been rebooting the routers. Will keep this in mind. Thanks.

I also use an Archer D9 with RE 450 extender(s) , I have one in my lounge and another in the kitchen . Originally I ran exactly as you do wi fi to the extender then Ethernet to the streamer.

It worked but only reliably for 44.1.

Eventually I bit the bullet and ran a cable . This was messy for me as my house is brick and concrete with a flat roof. So it’s out of one wall across the roof and back through another wall. Add to that the UV protection as I live in South Africa. It was not a trivial undertaking

That said I would do it all over again for the stability it gave me :sunglasses:

Hmm i see.

I did everything - changing wifi channels and using wifi analyser to find the best one.

Rebooting entire system including router.

Changing over from Roon Radio to Qobuz streaming.

Didn’t help : (

Just a word about Wi-Fi: I only use one Wi-Fi-capable device as a Roon endpoint, a Sonos speaker in my daughter’s room. There were always dropouts, sometimes more sometimes less. A week ago I connected the speaker to the network via cable, and since then I haven’t had a single dropout. And that’s despite the fact that I have excellent Wi-Fi - nothing beats the wired connection.

Just to clarify the issue a little here…

Your NUC (running Win 10 pro) is your Core, and it is wired. The endpoint - which is experiencing the dropouts - is via a DAC that is connected via USB to your NUC?

If that is the case, then wifi is only involved with the Roon Remote, so something else must be causing the dropouts?