Frequently losing Sonos devices

Roon Core Machine

Roon ROCK running on an Intel NUC, OS version 1.0 build 227, Server version 1.8 build 1021

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Microtik hEX Router, Ubiquti PoE switch US-16-150 (ROCK and other Roon controllers both wired and wifi through UI WAPs), Netgear switch JGS516PE (Sonos devices)

Connected Audio Devices

A bunch of Sonos Amps and Ports, all connected by wired ethernet to the Netgear switch

Number of Tracks in Library

<10,000, mostly listen to Tidal

Description of Issue

Recent updates to Roon have caused my Sonos gear to drop off frequently. I’m usually able to get them back on the system by rebooting my router and rebooting my ROCK. This is kind of irritating, it never happened with this frequency before the last few updates.

I have also noticed this. One minute they are there and then they are not. I’m returning on a free trial to see how Roon has developed, and this is new as when I had it for two years before the Sonos devices were always there.

Do you by any chance have your Sonos units with reserved/fixed IP addresses?

@Sean_O Yes I did have them on reserved addresses.

I did some messing around with my network and - while I haven’t had a ton of time to test - I believe I fixed the problem. Here are the actions I took -

  • 10 Sonos devices in my AV rack were hard wired by ethernet to a Netgear PoE switch → Unifi switch → Microtik router. I removed the Negear switch, wired only one Port directly to the router, re-enabled Wi-Fi on all Sonos devices so they use the Sonos wireless mesh network (boosted by the wired Port)
  • Wired my Roon ROCK directly to the router
  • Delete all IP reservations for Sonos devices in my router DHCP table
  • Reboot the router, Unifi switch and ROCK

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